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May 2013

on April 30, 2013

May Newsletter
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** May 2013 Newsletter
All the news, notes and heads-up that you need to for the coming month.


* Please check your child’s cubbie and replace cold-weather changes of clothes with warmer weather alternatives!
* Take home boots and snowpants.  We promise…it’s over.

* Please be sure to call if your child is not coming or if your schedule is changing.  We are required, by law, to check on you if you are more than 1 hour off of your regular schedule!
* Scholastic Book Clubs Online Ordering System – visit – enter code GW8T9. Every order placed online earns rewards for our classrooms!
* All menus and calendars are available on the main page of the blog that now houses this newsletter! Check them out!
* Please email ( if any of your contact information has changed, or if you would like to add new contact information or people for this newsletter.

** Welcome to May!  And Welcome Spring!!!

This month, we are highlighting a lot of fun ways that you – with your children – can add some green to your home.  Let us give you some tips and ideas for one of our favorite seasons.
You can grow awesome, juicy tomatoes on your deck or patio this summer.

** Container Gardening
Big veggies, gorgeous flowers…in small spaces.  Easy for kids to plant, tend and observe!

What Can I Grow?
Some vegetables grow very well in containers. It is important to understand how much space the adult plant will require for roots and the plant. A variety of lettuces and spinach can be grown in a long planter box. Peas and beans can also be grown in a planter box. Tomatoes, peppers, carrots and onions can be grown in a deep planter pot.

Read the package instructions for ideal spacing and growth of the plant before choosing a specific variety.

Herbs are also ideal for growing in planters. Basil, Chives and oregano can be planted in a small, shallow container that can be moved inside during the winter to extend the growing season of the plant.

Vegetables that require a lot of space such as corn are not recommended for container gardening. Other limitations may include the amount of light and shade where the container will be placed. Research the varieties of the desired vegetable and choose one that will grow well in the amount of sunlight available and temperature in the local climate.

When do I plant?
When growing from seeds in a container it is recommended to start growing several weeks before the last day of frost is expected. This will allow the seeds to germinate and sprout before they are placed outside. Some seeds can be grown in special seed pots under grow lights and then replanted as seedlings once the weather is warm enough for them to survive. If this is more work than you want to do simply purchase seedlings in the spring and plant them directly outside. T

he benefits of growing from seeds are the large number of choices available to grow. When purchasing seedlings you are limited to those varieties that are available at the local nursery store.

How do I plant?
Follow the instructions included with the seed packet or seedling when it was purchased. It is a good idea to use soil that has a timed fertilizer in it already. Water the soil thoroughly after planting and verify the water drains effectively. Plants will not grow well in sitting water .

Plants growing in a container will need regular watering, perhaps as often as every day if the weather is hot or dry. Check the soil daily by pressing a pencil into the pot to a depth of three inches. If the pencil does not have any soil attached when it is removed the plant should be watered.

Harvest the vegetables as they ripen from the plant. Once fall arrives cover the plants at night to protect them from frost. This will extend the growing season of the plants.

Container gardening is a fun way to grow your own vegetables and herbs in a limited space. It is also an excellent introduction to gardening for someone who doesn’t have the time to take care of a full garden.

** Get Growing…

Gardening teaches kids where food comes from, responsibility and patience.

A great way to get kids involved is to give children their own tools such as rakes, shovels, watering cans, gloves andmud boots. These can be found at the Dollar Store, WalMart, Menards and Home Depot, especially this time of year.

For a neat way to create a garden at home, consider making a theme garden like one of these:

Grow a Pizza:
If you have enough room make your garden into pizza shape (circle)
* Plum tomatoes
* Egg plants
* Zucchini
* Bell Peppers
* Onions
* Garlic
Herbs: basil, rosemary and oregano

Salad Garden:
* Lettuce
* Tomatoes
* Cuccumbers
* Carrots
* Bell Peppers
* Radishes
* Green Onions
* Snap Peas
* Broccoli

Land of the Gaints
* Long pole beans
* Cucuzza squash ( both the beans and squash grow as long baseball bats)
* Super sized pumpkins
* Walking stick cabbages ( which grow with 7 foot tall stems can use the stems in fall for walking sticks)

Grow a Rainbow
* Beets (Chiggia beets candy striped)
* Cauliflower ( comes in varies colors)
* Purple carrots
* Yellow cuccumbers

Flower Garden (Floral Clock)
* Morning Glories open with the sunrise
*Moon flowers blossom in the evening
* Passion flowers seize the day around noon

Pretty Babies (Babysitting tiny vegetables) container gardens
* Baby beets
* Silver dollar squash
* Batwing pumpkins (no bigger than a softball)
* Baby lettuce

At the end of summer have a harvest party with friends and family to show off the veggies that have grown

** Terra Cotta Pot Projects to Make At Home
Looking for a cute project for a end-of-the-year teacher gift or visiting family this summer, try one of the unique projects below!

Terra Cotta Pot Wind Chime

Use three terra cotta pots of different sizes to create a wind chime with kids. Before stringing the pots together to create the wind chime, children can paint the outsides using acrylic paints.

Use a length of twine to tie the pots inside of each other, with the smallest pot at the bottom and the biggest at top.S

tart by making a loop and tying the twine so the finished wind chime will have something to hang from. Threading and tying knots encourages kids’ fine motor skills. Kids thread the largest of the three terra cotta pots onto the string using the hole in the bottom of the pot.

Thread a wooden bead underneath the pot and tie a knot to secure it.

Thread the medium-sized pot onto the twine and situate it so it just touches the bottom of the biggest pot. Thread a bead onto the twine and secure it with a knot. Do the same with the smallest pot. Tie another wooden bead or a bell to the bottom of the twine so that when the terra cotta wind chime blows in the wind it bumps against the side of the smallest pot.

Terra Cotta Pot Birdbath

By turning a terra cotta pots upside down, stacking them on top of each other and using a saucer, a birdbath can be created.

Children can paint the outsides of each 12-inch, 14-inch and 16-inch terra cotta pot–along with a saucer for a 20-inch terra cotta pot–using acrylic paints.

Once the paint has dried, have an adult spray the inside of the saucer with a clear gloss sealant so the water will stay within the birdbath.Kids assemble the birdbath by stacking the terra cotta pots with the 16-inch at the base with the opening of the pot to the ground, then place on the 14-inch pot and last the 12-inch pot. Secure the saucer to the top of the 12-inch pot with extra-strength waterproof glue.


Kids can turn broken bits of other pots and dishes into a mosaic terra cotta flowerpot with the help ( of some tile grout. Kids can brainstorm an idea or design for the pot and use a pencil to create an outline on the terra cotta pot.

Working slowly. Apply a small amount of the tile grout using a plastic knife and then press the bits of broken china onto the terra cotta pot. Continue working, pressing pieces of china onto the pot with no more than 1/4 of an inch between pieces. Use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe off grout from the embellishments.Sponsored Links

Read more: Terra Cotta Pot Crafts for Kids | (

** Fall Schedule Changes
Click on the button below to download our Fall Change of Schedule forms. If your child/ren is:
* Headed to another school
* Your schedule will be changing after a summer of fun
* Or you plan to make any other changes

we need to know by the end of May!

Please click on the button below to open a PDF of the form.
Fall Schedule Change Form (

** We’re Recruiting!

** We’re looking for teachers, assistant teachers, aides or substitutes!
Do you know anyone who would make a great teacher, assistant teacher, aide or substitute teacher at Child’s Play?  We are actively recruiting for full-time, part-time and casual positions on our team.  We just launched an addition our website: where you can find a position description and our application.  Please share this with anyone who might be a good fit for our team!

** Family Cooking Corner

Cooking, baking and playing in the kitchen can be a great way to make a snowy weekend much more fun!  Check out our new recipes below and visit our website ( for more Family Cooking Fun!  Click on the button below for a printable PDF.

Dirt Cake – after playing in it all day, here’s a version your kids can dive right into…with a spoon.
Dirt Cake Recipe (

** Teach Writing…with pudding…
While you are making the dirt cake, occupy little fingers by surrendering some of the pudding for writing practice. On a clean countertop, have your child spread pudding into a puddle with their hands.  Then, have them write their name, your name or any other word they might know.

For kids who hate to practice, they can’t resist learning this way.


May 6-10                       National Teacher Appreciation Week
May 10, 11:30 a.m.       Lake Country Early Release
May 24, all day             SASD – No School – sign-up if you plan to attend.
May 27, all day             Center Closed – Memorial Day
May 31                          Lake Country – Last Day of School!

** Sunscreen Reminder – $10 or you supply
If you haven’t already – please turn in your sunscreen permission slips and $10 for center sunscreen or supply your own in your child’s classroom.

** Featuring Ms. Shirley…
Ms. Shirley has been with Child’s Play for 16 years!  She has been in her current role for 3 1/2 years.

Ms. Shirley enjoys bike riding, taking her dog Dakota for a walk, reading, collecting Cherished Teddy Bears and spending time with her family.  In fact, she considers herself an expert in being there for the people she loves.

Ms. Shirley’s favorite color is purple and she loves country / soft rock music.  In fact, she’d love to meet Elvis if she could!   She is most proud of her son Derick, who is in the Navy and her daughter Tiffany, who is a teacher and will be making her a grandma in September!

Ms. Shirley’s favorite thing about Child’s Play is that it’s like an extended family.  She has wonderful co-workers who work together.  She loves the toddler room because all of the teachers in this space work so well together.

Ms. Shirley wishes every parent would know that she is here for the children and she treats them as if they were one of her own.  She really enjoys her job.

Especially at Christmas time – her favorite holiday!  Her favorite dress up day, however, is during football season when she can wear her favorite t-shirt or jersey!

If Ms. Shirley could leave you with one thought it would be to live life to the fullest!

** Featuring Ms. Vicky…
Ms. Vicky is a 2009 Graduate of Lakeshore Technical College in EArly Childhood Education.  She has been with Child’s Play for 3 years and has been in the Little Wonders room for 1 year.  She already considers herself, an expert in being a good toddler teacher!

Ms. Vicky loves spending time wither family and friends, geneaology – she recently traced her husband Jon’s family back to the 1500’s!

Ms. Vicky loves working with Ms. Shirley, Ms. Penny and Ms. Lynn.  She enjoys that they all get along great and work as a team.  She also loves to see her toddlers every day.

Ms. Vicky wishes every parent knew to focus on every moment with
their kids because they grow up way too fast!

If Ms. Vicky could meet anyone, alive or passed, she would like to meet her Grandmother and Aunt.  They both passed away in the early 1970’s and she knows she would have had a great relationship with both of them!

Ms. Vicky loves coming to work every day to play and teach her toddlers.  She has a lot of fun.  She can’t believe how smart 1 year olds are!

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