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February 2013 Newsletter

on February 1, 2013


– It’s Winter Time! Be sure to send hats, mittens, snowpants and boots with your children every day! Feel free to leave a set at Child’s Play if you have extras.

– Please be sure to call if your child is not coming or if your schedule is changing.  We are required, by law, to check on you if you are more than 1 hour off of your regular schedule!

– Scholastic Book Clubs Online Ordering System – visit – enter code GW8T9. Every order placed online earns rewards for our classrooms!

– All menus and calendars are available on the main page of the blog that now houses this newsletter! Check them out!

– Please call if your child will not be at Child’s Play due to a vacation day or illness.

– Please email if any of your contact information has changed, or if you would like to add new contact information or people for this newsletter.

25th Annivesary – February = 25 Ways to Love

This month, we celebrate our 25th Anniversary with 25 ways to love!

Throughout February, you will see ways that we will celebrate how we love each other, ourselves, our planet and the blessings we receive each day.

Here are 25 Ways you can Love this February:

  1.  Share a dance – turn on the music and dance with your kid/s.
  2. Make a card for a neighbor.
  3. Visit a relative you haven’t seen in a while.
  4. Clean up without being asked.
  5. Hugs and Kisses – of course.
  6. Take your dog for a walk.
  7. Snuggle with your kitty.
  8. Give your guniea pig an extra carrot.
  9. Put love a note in someone’s lunchbox or purse.
  10. When you start to argue with someone about something silly – laugh instead.
  11. Make extra dinner and drop it off for a friend.
  12. Bake some biscuits or other pet-treats and deliver them to the neighborhood animals – check out the Family Cooking Corner for recipes!
  13. Scatter a little bird seed in the yard.
  14. Add a little extra to the tip at your favorite restaurant.
  15. Be on time.
  16. Smile for no good reason – it’s contagious.
  17. Hold the door for more the person behind you.
  18. Offer to take someone’s cart in at the grocery store.
  19. Make your teacher laugh.
  20. Spend a little more time without the TV on.
  21. Snuggle.
  22. Turn off your phone and give someone undivided attention.
  23. Make a special red and white meal.
  24. Play a board game.
  25. Be yourself and cherish the unique things about those around you.

Valentines for Senior Meal Sites

In early February, we will be making Valentines that will be given to the Sheboygan County Aging & Disability Resource Center to be distributed at the county Senior Meal Sites.  We hope to bring a smile to friends all over the county.

Love Notes from Child’s Play Kids

Throughout February, we’ll be sending out a weekly collection of Love Notes from Child’s Play kids. Keep an eye out for these heartwarming messages.

Harmony House Visit

Late in February, some of our older children will be visiting Harmony House to play BINGO and visit with the residents to show them that they are loved.  We always enjoy building these connections between generations.

Guess How Much We Love You

Watch for a Candy Heart Guessing Game! On the front table, we are going to have a jar full of candy hearts.  Please have your child guess how many are in the jar for a chance to win a prize!

Shake the Sillies Out!

Jessica from Jessica’s School of Dance will be visiting us every Tuesday in February to help us explore creative movement.  With the weather keeping us inside, we want to keep our bodies healthy and strong. Jessica is going to help us move our bodies, shake out the sillies and learn some new dances!  There will be a small fee to cover the cost of this interesting program.  Stay tuned.


As winter weather blows into our community, please note that if the Sheboygan Area School District is closed for the full day, Child’s Play Learning Center will be closed too.  If there is a 2 hour delay or early release due to weather, Child’s Play will be open normal hours o9f operation.  Tune in to 1330 WHBL, WTMJ4, B93.7, Lake98.1 or 104.5 the Point for closing information. We will also try to send an email out when we make a closing decision.

Family Cooking Corner

Valentine’s Day Parfait – A pretty, Valentine’s Day treat kids can make too.  One of these at every place setting makes for a very beautiful table!

Catnip Tuna Treats for Cats – Also known as Kitty Yum Yums, these tuna treats are sure to please the most discriminating cats in your family.

Bacon Bits For Dogs – Also known as Homemade Beggins, these treats are sure to make your dog drool for more!

4 Year Old Kindergarten at Child’s Play Learning Center

We recently hosted an informational presentation about our 4-year-old kindergarten program. Miss Kim provided an overview of the 4K program, gave a tour of the classroom and answered many great questions.  Click here for a copy of the 4K Overview we shared at the meeting.

Child’s Play’s 4K program is a great option to consider as you plan for next year. Consider keeping your child in the environment they know for one more year. No travel, healthy snacks and meals, consistent routines and the same loving caregivers they know with the added benefit of solid, developmental curriculum that will prepare them for 5K.  CLICK HERE to see the hand out.

Thinking About Summer?  Already? So Are We!

Child’s Play summer programs are available for school-age children up to 10 years of age for summer of 2013! We are working on some partnerships in our community to enhance summer programming for older children and will be announcing our plans soon. Space is limited and we will be taking summer enrollments through March 31st. Please stop in the office and put your school-age children on the list!  Fill out this form to reserve your spots.

Thank you’s, Appreciation & Special Announcements

Each month, we hope to share a couple of highlights in this section to offer thanks and share good news!

THANK YOU – as we celebrate 25 years, we want to thank all of our families, both past and present, for thier trust.  We love having you as a part of our family!

CONGRATULATIONS – Ms. Laura – on the birth of baby Hadley.

CONGRATULATIONS – Haas Family – on the birth of baby Hayley Rose

CONGRATULATIONS – Cantrall Family – on the birth of baby Raela


2/1  Miss Kim & Miss Edith – Fire Station Field Trip, 9:15-11 a.m.  Lake Country Academy – No School. Pigeon River – early release (noon)

2/18 SASD No-school! ELC & School Age Going to the Qzaukee Sports Center, 9 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. Parents should let teachers know if they are coming by Feb.13

2/20  Miss Kim & Miss Edith – Field Trip to Don Caan’s

2/21 Cooper – Early Release (noon)

2/22 Lake Country Academy – Early Release (11:30 a.m.)

2/26 Miss Kim & Miss Edith – Field Trip to the Library, 9:15-11 a.m.

2/27 The Toothfairy visits from Bullard Children’s Dentistry, 10-11 a.m., 3 years old and up.

2/28 Lincoln Erdmann – Early Release (12:35 p.m.)

Staff Spotlight – Kaitlyn Hruska

Welcome Ms. Kaitlyn!  Ms. Kaitlyn is in our school-agers room and is busy entertaining this active group of children while she is completing her educaiton in Special Education through the UW Sheboygan-UW Oshkosh Collaborative Program.

As an expert in drinking coffee and a love for Alternative Rock music, Ms. Kaitlyn loves to travel around the United States and learn about the German language and culture.  She is most proud of her educational accomplishments and loves the family atmosphere at Child’s Play because she believes that every child deserves a caring and loving environment in which to grow.

If Ms. Kaitlyn could meet Abraham Lincoln, whom she finds very interesting, she might lend him a copy of the most recent book she read, “The Boy Next Door” or show him her favorite movie – “The Muppets.”

Even though she is a big kid at heart and loves all of the Disney movies and video games, she has some golden wisdom to share with the children in her care – “treat others how you would like to be treated.”

We agree Ms. Kaitlyn!  Welcome to Child’s Play!

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