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August 2012 Newsletter

on July 30, 2012

Welcome to the Child’s Play Learning Center monthly newsletter!

Please take a moment to review the notes, announcements and ideas we gathered for your review!


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  • The next Infant Opening is April 2013.
  • Please remember to update your child’s health and immunization records.
  • Please call if your child will not be at Child’s Play due to a vacation day or illness.
  • Please email if any of your contact information has changed, or if you would like to add new contact information or people for this newsletter.


THANK YOU! For Your Support!

Child’s Play Learning Center Wins the 2012 Reader’s Choice Award from the Sheboygan Press – and our Families!

We are thrilled and honored to have won the 2012 Reader’s Choice Award from the Sheboygan Press readers and our families.  This is the 3rd time we have won this award and we know how great the competition is in our community!  Thank you!!!

As we start the next school year, it is wonderful to know that the people of our community recognize the educational value that we offer.  We hope that you can share this great achievement with your family and friends – and help us to celebrate!


Thinking About Back-To-School…and Before & After School Care…
It’s just about that time that some of our friends start heading back to school – or to school for the first time!  Keep in mind – and spread the word – that Child’s Play has a great before and after school program.  We already have buses that go to and from Lincoln-Erdmann and the Early Learning Center.  We are currently in negotiations to have a bus that goes to and from Lake Country Academy.
If your child/ren is planning to attend any of these schools, let us know ASAP (especially the Lake Country option).  We are working with the bus company to make arrangements for the latter option and any numbers we can share with them will be helpful!
The before school program starts at 6:30 a.m. and includes breakfast.  After school is available until 6 p.m. and includes a snack.  For 4-year-old kindergarteners, we are here for you all-day on Wednesdays.  For all other school-agers, we are here for early release and all no-school days!

Top Ten Ways to get back into the school-days groove
1.  Start to work yourway back into a routine.  Stabilize bed time, wake-up time and down-time.
2.  Pick out a couple of new outfits to signal a transition from summer casual to more serious school time.
3.  If you aren’t already, start reading (together or to yourself) every night.
4.  Make a summer memory book – what were the best parts?  What did you learn?
5.  Talk about goals for the coming year – what is one main thing you want to learn or try?
6.  Measure your height.  How much have you grown since last year?  Predict your number for August 2013!
7.  Brainstorm lunch and school-night dinner ideas.
8.  Make a supply check-list and make sure everything is labeled and ready to roll.
9.  Get ready for picture day!
10. Have a So-Long Summer party – drink lemonade, make smores and run through the sprinkler.
Need to Beat the Heat?  Try the Manitowoc Family Aquatic Center!
Miss Kim, Miss Inga and Miss Dawn will be taking their classes 30 minutes north to the Manitowoc Family Aquatic Center on August 9.  This is the first time our center has taken a trip to this destination.  If you haven’t taken your family, be sure to stop by and ask the teachers and thier classes about it.  Several families have told us that this place is an awesome gem, especially as the summer has provided ample sun and heat this year!  Let us know what you think!
Follow this link for photos, rates and more information:
See Her Garden Grow
The Learning Garden has been slow to grow, but there are a couple of pretty spectacular sunflowers growing near the parking lot.  Keep an eye on their progress as we move into August.  They are located on the west edge of the parking lot across from the mailboxes.
Annual Registrations are due on August 13
Please note that annual registration dues of $45 per family are due on Monday, August 13, 2012.  Please plan for this annual payment and submit it with your weekly payment.

Our Referral Program Is Back!
As you talk with other parents, family and friends, please note that Child’s Play will give you a $60 tuition credit for every referral to our center!  Now is the time when many families start thinking about care and enrichment opportunities for their children for the fall.  Please share your experiences with others and grow our center family!  Feel free to send people to our website: for more information and share this newsletter!


NO WAITING LISTS!  Please be sure to tell your contacts that there are no waiting lists for children over the age of 2 at Child’s Play!  It has come to our attention that many people in our community think that Child’s Play has a waiting list for all of our classes – and this is not true!  Please help us reach out to young families in your circles of influence to let them know!


Housekeeping – Some Important Things to Note

End-Of-Summer Changes in Schedule – Please turn in your change of schedule forms with any back-to-school changes ASAP.

Update your child’s Immunization Records – For children 2 and younger, please update health forms and immunization records every 6 months.  For children over 2, please update them annually.  Forms may be found near the sign-in station or on our website:

End-Of-Summer Party Sign-ups – please watch your child’s classroom bulletin boards/doors for end-of-summer party sign-ups.

Withdrawals and Changes in Schedule – we really need your help!  Please provide 2 weeks of notice for all withdrawals and long-term changes in schedule.  If you know that there will be changes in your family’s schedule, please alert us as soon as possible.  Your child’s schedule impacts the staffing of our center and we appreciate any advanced notice we can get!

Vacation Coupons – ALL vacation coupons must be turned in prior to your vacation or the day after an illness or a closing.  We will not accept vacation coupons after the fact for expected absences.

Parent Handbook – The Child’s Play Learning Center Parent Handbook has been revised and is available for your perusal.  Important information about payment, illness and discipline policies is outlined for you in this one-stop document.  Please click here for a PDF.


Mark Your Calendars:  Field Trips, Scheduling Items and More!

8/9/12       Little Learners – Field Trip to Manitowoc Aquatic Center

8/10/12     All Stars – Field Trip to Manitowoc Aquatic Center

8/15/12     Little Learners – Field Trip to Randalls

8/17/12     All Stars – Field Trip to End Park

8/24/12     All Stars – Field Trip to Schutte Parke

8/27/12     Lake Country Academy – First Day of School

8/31/12     Little Learners – Field Trip to Schutte Park

9/4/12       Lincoln-Erdmann Elementary – First Day of School

9/7/12       Early Learning Center – First Day of School


Recognitions, Celebrations and News!

Miss Lois became a grandma!  Her family was thrilled to welcome a little girl – Harper May.

Congrats Miss Vicky who was married in May!

So Long Miss Ashley.  Please wish her luck as she heads back to UW Stevens Point.  Her last day will be August 22.


Introducing Miss Tina

Words To Live By: “Treat others as you would want to be treated.  Don’t take things for granted.”

Favorite thing about Child’s Play: Being able to work with family (Grandma Deb) and being so close to my kids!  A quick hug in the middle of the day is the best!

Favorite Color/s: Blue

Favorite Holiday: Christmas – a season of giving, happiness and family!

Miss Tina is one of the newer faces at Child’s Play and can be found in the office or floating around the center.  She is currently the Administrative Assistant in the office, which is good since she is an expert in multi-tasking – – – which is double-good, since she is mom to Mason (3) and twins Madelyn and Katelyn (10 months).

But Miss Tina knows how this twin thing goes and can handle it pretty well, because she is a twin herself.  Her brother Brian was born five minutes before her and is a whopping foot taller!  Wow!

Being Ms. Deb’s daughter-in-law – she is married to Ms. Deb’s oldest son Jeff – Miss Tina is thrilled to be able to work with family and to see her kids throughout the day, while putting her expertise to work.  With a Doctorate in Audiology and a BS in Secondary Education, Tina brings a wide variety of experiences and a unique perspective to the center.

When Miss Tina isn’t juggling the day-to-day operations at Child’s Play or spending time with her brood, she enjoys baking and cake decorating, kayaking, hiking, snuggling with her kids and helping out in the garden.  She also loves dogs and cats because they also love to snuggle and have lots of personality.

Speaking of snuggly, if Miss Tina could meet one person, she would love to get a few cake decorating tips from Buddy Valastro from Cake Boss.  She says that he has some impressive skills and the show is fun to watch.  She might even ask him to come up with something for her favorite dress-up day – Crazy Hair Day!

As a parting thought, Miss Tina wants to remind every fellow parent to enjoy every minute of life because it passes by too fast, especially as our little ones grow up!

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