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July 2012 Newsletter

on July 3, 2012

Welcome to the Child’s Play Learning Center monthly newsletter!

Please take a moment to review the notes, announcements and ideas we gathered for your review!


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  • All menus and calendars are available on the main page of the blog that now houses this newsletter! Check them out!
  • The next Infant Opening is April 2013.
  • Please remember to update your child’s health and immunization records.
  • Please call if your child will not be at Child’s Play due to a vacation day or illness.
  • Please email if any of your contact information has changed, or if you would like to add new contact information or people for this newsletter.
  • Summer Is Here! Check your child’s cubbie to ensure that they have a change of clothes that fits the weather/temperature.


Delicious!  Nutritious!  And Unique!  Fresh from the Child’s Play Kitchen.

“I can’t wait until I can eat that!”
Miss Kathy shows one of our babies a batch of fresh-baked bread.

The Child’s Play Kitchen is one of the most unique parts of our operation and we wanted to take some time to focus on it this month.

The leadership and staff at Child’s Play are committed to providing your children with a safe and well-rounded environment.  Part of this effort includes a full-service kitchen and food-service operation that supplies fresh, handmade breakfast, lunch and 2 snacks every day.

As your child grows, the way we approach food, habits and traditions grows with them.  From the time that they are babies through the school-age years, the nutritional and developmental needs of children change.  The staff at Child’s Play is keenly aware of the impact of these habits on your child’s life-long relationship with food and we make every effort to create strong foundations and good habits.

Some of our efforts include:

  • Creating well-balanced menus that combine all of the food groups in a creative way.  We create everything from casseroles to sandwiches, easy finger food to more complicated recipes.  Part of our goal is to expose your child to a wide variety of tastes, textures and options for a well-rounded experience.
  • We dine together.  Your child and their classmates have a daily ritual of dining together.  As they grow, we create roles for them in the set-up and clean-up of each meal and snack.  This ritual of dining together is part of the meal experience.
  • We try new things. Our staff works hard to encourage children to try new things, even if it is just a taste.  Many of our friends wait eagerly for mom and dad to arrive so they can announce their new experiences at the end of the day.
  • We create opportunities to get involved.  As with our Container Garden, which you can read more about later in this newsletter, we create opportunities for children to be involved in their experiences with food.  We have baking and cooking projects throughout each month and create hands-on ways for your children to be a part of the process.  We know that kids who are a part of the cooking and preparation of a meal, will eat it, if not try it.
  • We celebrate with food.  Our culture often celebrates by sharing food.  At Child’s Play, we host holiday parties and special celebrations that encourage our children to work together to put on a party.  Through family donations of food and beverages, each child has an opportunity to play a role in this traditional effort.  It’s the little things that form life-long traditions in us.

Have you ever considered the difference between sitting down at a table with other children, observing manners, trying new things and cleaning up versus opening a brown bag and eating the same thing day after day?  This difference has life-long implications!

Join us for lunch someday…as a fly on the wall…and you will see amazing things happen.  Give us a call if you plan to join us so we know you are coming!

“It is so reassuring to know that my kids are getting thought-through, balanced, home-cooked meals at Child’s Play,” a parent wrote us.  “It makes it that much easier to manage our family’s choices at home; knowing that part of my responsibility is being handled by the talented ladies at the center.”

For more information about our food service program, please check out our website:, weekly menus and the article below – “From Learning to Lunch – The Child’s Play Container Garden.”


Summertime, Summertime, Sum-Sum-Summertime!

Summer field trips and experiences are in full swing!

Miss Tanya shows her friends the inside of Pooh Bear’s House

The young 3’s experienced their first field trip ever to Bookworm Gardens and found some pretty amazing things, including a view into Pooh Bear’s tree home!

Many of our classes have walked to the Field of Dreams for games, playground play and baseball.

Dawn & Inga’s class is headed to Terry Andrea State Park for a visit to the dunes and waterfront.

Lois & Rachel’s class was one of the first groups to take a walking field trip to the re-opened Randall’s Custard a couple of blocks away.  The children were able to see how custard is made and each was able to try some cool, creamy custard!

And our building has even gotten a fresh coat of “paint” (water) from a couple of classes!

All of the children have been a part of our Container Garden Project and we can’t wait to see how our garden grows.  Check out the article below for more information.


Miss Kim’s Class talks about which vegetables to plant.

From Learning to Lunch – the Child’s Play Container Garden Project

Our backyard play area is now home to our Container Garden where each class selected various fruits and vegetables (mostly vegetables) to grow for the summer.  Every vegetable option we offered was chosen by at least one class, so we will have quite the cornucopia of produce at the end of summer.  From carrots to tomatoes, peppers to corn; we have it all!  We will also be adding pumpkins, watermelons and cucumbers along the fence line!

As a part of this experience, the Child’s Play teachers showed the children each vegetable in its full-grown form and then taught them how to plant them into containers.  Now each class will maintain their garden and wait for the harvest. At harvest time, our friends will be able to enjoy their bounty through special snacks, many prepared in the Child’s Play Kitchen!  We can’t wait!
It is our experience that children who play a role in every step of the selection, planting, maintenance and harvest will actually try and enjoy fruits and vegetables that they have avoided in the past.  Please be sure to ask your children which vegies they selected and encourage them to report back to you on their progress!

Our Referral Program Is Back!

As you talk with other parents, family and friends, please note that Child’s Play will give you a $60 tuition credit for every referral to our center!  Now is the time when many families start thinking about care and enrichment opportunities for their children for the fall.  Please share your experiences with others and grow our center family!  Feel free to send people to our website: for more information and share this newsletter!

NO WAITING LISTS!  Please be sure to tell your contacts that there are no waiting lists for children over the age of 2 at Child’s Play!  It has come to our attention that many people in our community think that Child’s Play has a waiting list for all of our classes – and this is not true!  Please help us reach out to young families in your circles of influence to let them know!


Housekeeping – Some Important Things to Note

Withdrawals and Changes in Schedule – we really need your help!  Please provide 2 weeks of notice for all withdrawals and long-term changes in schedule.  If you know that there will be changes in your family’s schedule, please alert us as soon as possible.  Your child’s schedule impacts the staffing of our center and we appreciate any advanced notice we can get!

Vacation Coupons – ALL vacation coupons must be turned in prior to your vacation or the day after an illness or a closing.  We will not accept vacation coupons after the fact for expected absences.

Annual Registration – The Annual Registration fee of $45 will be due the 3rd week of August.  Reminders will be sent home.

Parent Handbook – The Child’s Play Learning Center Parent Handbook has been revised and is available for your perusal.  Important information about payment, illness and discipline policies is outlined for you in this one-stop document.  Please click here for a PDF.

We had a visit from the Sheboygan Fire Department during swimming time, to show us a fire truck!


Mark Your Calendars:  Field Trips, Scheduling Items and More!

July 4 – Happy Independence Day!  The Center will be closed in observation of the holiday.

July 10 – Dawn & Inga’s class – End Park (water pad)

July 11 – Jen & Joy’s class – Deland Park (Lake Michigan waterfront)

July 12 – Stephanie & Tanya’s class with Dawn & Inga’s Class – Walking Field Trip to Randall’s Frozen Custard.

July 13 – Dawn & Inga’s class – Deland Park (Lake Michigan waterfront)

July 19 – Kim & Lisa’s class with Dawn & Inga’s class – Green Bay Zoo

July 26 – Dawn & Inga’s class – Pizza Ranch

July 31 – Kim & Lisa’s class – End Park (water pad)


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